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Try Films on Demand for Timely Topics

October 27, 2017

This October 31st view 500 Years of the Protestant Reformation with Films On Demand.

Reformation: Luther and the Protestant Revolt

Reformation: The Individual Before God

Revolution of Conscience: The Life, Convictions, and Legacy of Martin Luther






Confederate Monuments?

September 6, 2017

Start the discussion with Issues & Controversies: Is it appropriate for states to display monuments to the Confederacy?

Also, note that new editorially curated and selected National Public Radio (NPR) articles, audio recordings, and podcasts have been added to Issues & Controversies! Along with the original recordings, many feature transcripts of the entire broadcast or selected highlights. Users can find the new content, which includes episodes of the shows Fresh Air and On Point, under the “Media” tab for selected articles on dozens of topics, such as immigration, race relations, Islamic State (ISIS), and police brutality.

The Gilmore Guy

January 14, 2014

BlechaczEvery four years, a secret talent search awards a lucky piano player $300,000.

According to the New York Times, the Gilmore Artist Award, “is often thought of as the music world’s version of the MacArthur Foundation’s “genius” grants: a prestigious prize that cannot be applied for or sought.”

28-year-old Rafal Blechacz was stunned last week to learn he is receiving the honor. Popular with fans of classical piano and hard-working orchestral musicians, Blechacz has been on the world stage since winning the International Chopin Piano Competition when he was 20. He currently is studying philosophy as well as performing.

Listen to his 2005 debut album available from the Naxos Music Library at Tunxis Library, which features music of Debussy, Chopin, Liszt and more.

New Tablet or Smartphone this month? Make Mobile Apps Work For You.

December 13, 2013

tablet iPhone

Paying hundreds for a new tablet or smartphone this month?

Make it work for you without $$$$ for apps or subscriptions.

Use our Mobile Apps for Research Guide

Or > Research Guides > search “mobile”

Journals, newspapers, books, music, video.
Most not available on the free web.
Apps or mobile optimized.
Plus great information tools for school, work and life.

For you @ Tunxis Library

Tablet image courtesy of SamsungTomorrow.

Thanksgiving 1913

November 20, 2013

Boston Paper November 1913 Compressed

Picture American life as it happened in
America’s Historical Newspapers, 1690-2000.
Get it anytime at > Quick Links, Databases by Subject > History.

Books. Now!

September 16, 2013

ebsco-ebooks-iconWe have great books in the library, but did you know we have thousands online? About twice as many as you see on library shelves. Books you can read right now, including many you won’t find on campus.

Search our catalog, and your results automatically include online books–with links so you can read them immediately.

You can also search our separate e-book collections directly, such as EBSCOhost eBooks.

If you set up a personal account on EBSCO, you can download ebooks onto your computer to read later. You can even download or transfer them to some mobile devices or e-readers. You need an Adobe Digital Editions (free and easy to download) and an Adobe ID; links are available when you download from EBSCO.

Video instructions for downloads to a computer and transfer to a device are here.

Find out how to download books to a wireless Apple device here or to an Android device here. Note that some devices require (free and easy) installation of a PDF reader application, such as BlueFire.

You’ve Been Upgraded!

October 6, 2011


Tunxis Library has subscribed to the Premium School Edition of EasyBib, the automatic bibliography composer.  If you’ve used the free edition, you’ll be pleased to discover an ad-free experience, the in-text citation formatting, website credibility check, and additional styles available, including APA and Chicago.  It’s an excellent tool that helps with plagiarism prevention  and critical thinking.  On our website under Find Articles.  Just register with an email and password on campus to get started, then log in each time so you can save your work and access it anywhere.