How Mark Twain’s ‘Autobiography’ Became a Best-Seller

“The suspense has been building for a century… Mark Twain insisted that his memoir not be printed for a century, says Charles R. Larson at Counterpunch, to avoid offending his friends and loved ones. “He believed his opinions — especially about religion and politics — were so controversial that he couldn’t express himself freely during his own lifetime.” Why wouldn’t people be desperate to find out what “the country’s greatest writer” really wanted to say?”

Read the rest of the article here and find the book at the Tunxis Library.

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One Comment on “How Mark Twain’s ‘Autobiography’ Became a Best-Seller”

  1. Lisa Lavoie Says:

    One of the big discussions on Thanksgiving was about Mark Twain’s autobiography. One of my dinner guests remarked that the Tunxis Library would not have this book yet because it was new. I jumped up from the table, did a quick lookup on the Tunxis catalog,… and YES!!! the Tunxis Library did indeed have the book on shelf.

    It’s a popular read out there….

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