You Are Where You Sit!

Seating Choice in a Library Tells A Lot About a Person

Picture2 Ask a dozen students about their favorite study spot in the Tunxis Library, and you’re likely to get a dozen different answers.  Where you study depends on what you want to get done.  Some people need to meet in a study room with their group for a project, others need complete quiet, some have to hide out from their families,  researchers need the online environment, … and then there are those who just love a comfy chair and a quiet, cozy library.

Here’s some “Quietness Ratings” for the Tunxis Library study areas (rated 1-5)
1= super quiet       5=noisy

1st Floor tables: 4-5
1st Floor soft seating: 4-5
1st Floor study carrels: 2-3
1st Floor computer area: 2-3
1st Floor group study rooms: 5

<Shhh! Quiet zone on 2nd Floor>

2nd Floor tables: 2-3
2nd Floor soft seating: 1-2
2nd floor study carrels: 1
2nd floor computer area: 1-2
2nd floor group study rooms: 5

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