Why No Food or Disposable Drink Cups in the Library?

What’s Up with That???

Believe us, we’d love to let you order a pizza, munch on potato chips, and swig a coke in the Library, but the fact is:

  • Food smells bad
  • Even nice people are messy
  • Food crumbs and wrappers attract mice and insects
  • People lick their fingers and then use the computer keyboards
  • Disposable cups are either not disposed of properly—or are tossed half-full into the trash receptacles leaving sticky spatters on tables and down the front of the trash containers.

We know this because we lived it in the “former Library.”
That’s why we had Pages Café designed just for you right outside the Library!


We’re keeping the new buildings clean.

  • If you need to eat while you work, set yourself up in the lobby of Pages Café. You can eat and drink there, and it can be pretty quiet most times.
  • If you connect drinking coffee or tea to studying, buy the $2  Tunxis Library spill-proof mug and make yourself at home anywhere in the Library.

Thank you!

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One Comment on “Why No Food or Disposable Drink Cups in the Library?”

  1. I hereby challenge the Tunxis Library spill-proof mug to a spill-off. The challenger will be my stainless steel insulated Starbucks travel mug (and any others who would like to join). There will be 3 rounds. Round one is the reach and spill in which both mugs will be ‘secured’ from spillage, and then they will be gently knocked over and left on their sides for 3 seconds before being put upright. Round two will be the late-to-class run-and-spill in which we start in the parking lot and run all-out to the 300 building with mug in hand, and then check for drips. Round three will complete the challenge and will be classic talking-to-my-friend-for-a-few minutes-while-I-inadvertently-held-my-mug-upside-down above-my-keyboard-and-fried-it scenario. Competitors will hold a ‘secured’ mug upside down above a keyboard for 30 seconds.

    Do you accept my challenge?

    Good article, by the way.

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