Break No Bones – Audio CD Review

Break No Bones

By:  Kathy Reichs
Read  By:  Dorothee Berryman
Reviewed by Paul McMahon

The book features forensic anthropologist Temperance (Tempe) Brennan.

This and other books by Kathy Reichs are the inspiration for the Bones series on Fox series “Bones”.

The book is set in Charleston, South Carolina.  I have been in Charleston three times and the  author does a fantastic job of building the Charleston atmosphere.

The story starts with Tempe leading a end of semester dig on land suspected of containing Native American relics.  It does.  Then a student notices a bone that does not have the 1,000 year touch.  In fact it has the 5 year look.  Tempe and the students begin to dig carefully and realize that there is a  body buried in the Indian burial mound.

The sheriff is called and law enforcement takes over.  Reichs takes us through the typical law enforcement structure found outside of Connecticut where there is a sheriff and deputies covering the county, city cops, cops for areas that want their own law enforcement, etc.

We gradually begin to see that there is something going on as the body count begins to climb and Tempe, her ex husband and current lover work to figure out what is going on.

I would not play this if there are kids in the car.  However, older teens might enjoy the complexity of the story.  There is a little violence.  There is discussion of how the victims were killed. Some of the descriptions of the bodies might put them off supper.  There is a little sex between unmarried adults which may take explaining.  There is also discussion of Tempe’s feelings when living in the same house with her ex and her lover.

Read it.  You will enjoy it.  It keeps moving and maintains a constant pressure and threat as the body count builds.

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