High Noon – Audio CD Review

Hign Noon

By Nora Roberts
Book on CD
Read by:  Susan Erickson
Reviewed by: Paul McMahon

Roberts does a terrific job in character development.  You may love or hate the character or muddle along wondering what is happening,  but suddenly and forcefully you understand.

You cry for a gang banger’s mother at his wake and are amazed in what she does.

Roberts builds a very credible character in the person of Phoebe MacNamara who is the top hostage negotiator in Savannah.  You find out why she is a negotiator and who made it happen.  You see love come into her life.  You feel her frustration as a stupid cop tells a hostage taker to kill himself and give everybody a break — which he does just after Phoebe takes over.

The book is long — 16 hours,  14 CDs, but worth it.

The reader is very good.

Don’t listen with kids in the car.  There is a lot of rough language, violence and violent situations and enough sex situations to keep you explaining for the next year.

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