Hot, Flat and Crowded – Audio CD Review

Hot, Flat and Crowded

By:  Thomas L. Friedman

Read by:  Oliver Wyman who is not a great reader.

Reviewed by:  Paul McMahon

Freidman wrote The World is Flat which is an effective analysis of the world we are living in.

In this book, Friedman comes back to take another bite and it makes a lot of sense.

Think Green Collar.

Friedman thinks we have the talent to solve the energy crisis, the global warming crisis and the population crisis and by doing this we also solve the peace crisis.  The problem is that a lot of the entrenched organizations will have to take on massive change.  However, in that change is huge opportunity.

The world is hot – too much carbon dioxide is causing heating by the greenhouse effect.

The world is flat – everything is interconnected so pain like the financial crisis in the US is felt by everybody.

The world is getting crowed – healthier people survive longer, peace means fewer people are killed in wars, there is less disease.

Friedman calls for a leader to take us into the change that has to take place.  Who would you pick – the incompetents who are destroying General Motors or the looters who are stripping IBM or the bonus babies who destroyed our financial system or the various government officials who stood by and let it all happen.

Friedman sees going greenest at a huge opportunity.  Businesses who seriously go green save significant amounts of money.  People who go green in their homes also profit by paying less for energy and materials.  He cites many examples.

Look at one of the examples that Friedman highlights.  Our schools have dumped a huge population of teens who do not have the education to compete for the jobs that have not been outsourced resulting in drugs, drive-bys and crime.  Investors who put their money in business that remediate homes and buildings making them more energy efficient and less costly to operate can make significant profits.  The kids are offered jobs and training to do the work.  While at first these are low level jobs, as the business grows they become team leaders.  These are jobs that cannot be outsourced.  You can’t ship a house to China to be insulated and then ship it back.  The result is green collar jobs that stay here and participate in the green revolution.

If you are an investor, a contractor, a business owner listen to what Friedman has to say.  You may find a million dollars.

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2 Comments on “Hot, Flat and Crowded – Audio CD Review”

  1. William Roesler Says:

    How is this a review of an audio book?

  2. Paul McMahon Says:

    It is hard to classify it.

    It seems to be a 4 hour talk by Friedman as kind of a followup to The World is Flat.

    It is non-ficton.

    I thought that it was thought provoking as to business opportunities opening as we go green.

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