Down River – Audio CD Review

Down River

by John Hart

Read very well by: Scott Sowers

Reviewed by Paul McMahon

It took me a couple of CDs to get into this story, but it was worth it.  The ending is not what you expect.  The author does not try to mislead you.  However the ending is perfectly logical, but just not apparent to you.

The story is set in Rowan county, North Carolina.  The focus is on the mostly rural part of the county and not Salisbury, the county seat.

The characters are well constructed and you will be attracted to them, but with reservations.  You are always trying to figure out if they are true to the image they project or are they lying.  The answer is sometimes they lie and sometimes they don’t.

There are some murders,  a little violence,  cops,  bookies,  drug dealers,  drug customers — all the things that can happen anywhere.

Scott Sowers does a great job reading, cuing you to the character by shifts in accent.

The books begins with a lot of accredited (if that is what it is when everyline of dialog inludes accreditation like — Mary said…) dialog,  but the author gradually drops the training wheels and you are on your own.

A well written and well spoken book.  A mystery you will enjoy.

I would not lilsten with young kids in the car, but teens might enjoy it and give you a chance to discuss cops, drugs and a little sex.

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