Blowout – Audio CD Review


by:  Catherine Coulter

Reviewed by Paul McMahon

Coulter weaves two stories together.  One is the brutal murder of a Supreme Court Justice.  The other is the murder of a mother 30 years ago.  There is liitle connection between the stories, but both are interesting.

Back to the Supreme Court Justice.

He is murdered on a Friday night when he is alone in the library.  There are no clues.  The murderer appears to be a professional.

The next night one of his law clerks is murdered.

A day later another of his clerks is murdered.

As you read, panic builds.  What will happen to the third law clerk.  The FBI and the Metro DC Police move the clerk to the FBI training center at Quantico and set up an elaborate trap for the killer.  The result is that one of the FBI agents is killed and the decoy is shot.

A second ruse is set up and apparently the killer sees through this one too.  A third trap is set up.

Read the book for the result.

Very entertaining.  Not too bloody, but I would not recommend playing it with kids in the car.

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