Possible Side Effects – Audio CD Reviews

Possible Side Effects

By:  Augusten Burroughs

A book on CD

Commented on by Paul McMahon

Read by the Author.

Augusten Burroughs is the author of Running with Scissors which I never read, but you might have.

The jacket promised a lot, but the first three CDs did not deliver.

The author reads his own book and does a good job.

The problem is the book.  I am not dying  to hear about the sensations in his chest that cause him to go to a Park Avenue cardiologist.  He has an entertaining chapter about the hell he and his roommate when through when they bought a second dog, but I would rather read a good mystery.

I returned the book and went back to the stacks for another mystery.

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One Comment on “Possible Side Effects – Audio CD Reviews”

  1. Amy Says:

    I actually just finished reading Running With Scissors. Although I found the book quite disturbing in some ways, I’ve actually found myself relating to Augusten a lot. It was really entertaining, and a quick read. I’m surprised that Possible Side Effects didn’t have that same appeal to it. Maybe you could find some redemption for Augusten by reading Running With Scissors.

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