Laughter of Dead Kings – Book Review

Laughter of Dead Kings

By Elizabeth Peters

Reviewed by:  Paul McMahon

Elizabeth Peters writes in an entertaining style, blending in a lot that makes the book fun to read.

Her plots are complicated but not confusing.  They are often misleading and you sit there wondering how you got there.

This book is about the theft of THE mummy by criminals unknown and the efforts of the Egyptian authorities to hide the theft and the implication that the Egyptians are unable to care for the treasures in their control.  We get some exposure to the demands from the Egyptians (and other countries) for the return of national treasures taken by the western museums and governments before these countries realized the implications of never getting them back.

In fact, that is the backbone of the story.

The book is fun with some weird characters and a lot of action.

I enjoyed it and you will to.

I noticed while looking at the new books that there are a number of ancient Egyptian themed books that have come out recently.


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