Paul of Dune – Book Review

Paul of Dune

By Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

Reviewed by: Paul McMahon

The publisher took out a full page ad in the September, 2008 Scientific American announcing the publication of the book.

Many years ago Frank Herbert wrote Dune, a science fiction novel where there was a galaxy of hundreds of earth-like planets populated by humans. The political culture was was like Europe with Emperors, Kings, Lords and assassins. The science was way past anything you could imagine. There was faster than light travel controlled by the spacing guild who offered transportation for all with no strings attached but for lots of money.

Dune, the planet was critically importand because of spice which was only found on the surface of Dune.

Herbert wrote a number of books in the Dune series at first by himslef and later with his son Brian. Herbert died and Brian has continued using copious notes and plans left by Herbert.

Paul of Dune follows a thread tracing what happened to Paul who is a very important character between his home planet and arrival at Dune.

The book stands by itself, but you will enjoy even more if you read the original Dune book and also see the movie Dune. The library has the Dune book. I am not sure whether the movie made it to DVD. I have seen it on VHS only.

This is an exciting book and an entry into the universe of Dune.

You might also like the Pern series by Anne McCafrey which is about several thousand people sent to a far away planet where they establish a new civilization.

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