Act of Treason – Audio CD Review

Act of Treason

By: Vince Flynn
Read by: George Guidall
Book on CD
Reviewed by: Paul McMahon

The presidential candidate and his wife are in Georgetown where an international security conference was just finishing. They leave in a motorcade each in a different armored limo. Suddenly a truck bomb goes off as the second limo passes killing the candidate’s wife. So opens the story.

Al Qaeda takes credit. A rogue CIA operative is suspicious of the investigation by the Secret Service and FBI.

The fact that the Secret Service agent in charge states that she saw a man in a baseball cap behind a large tree holding a cell phone in his hand is ignored. Our CIA guy listens and gets the security tape from a nearby Starbucks and there is the guy.

The plot has more twists and turns than a snake on a hot rock.

We meet the bomber as he realizes that the people who hired him have hired someone else to kill him.

We follow an intriguing story to Europe and back. Gradually we begin to suspect who hired the bomber.

Flynn writes an action packed story that is fun to read. He has so much story left that at the 10th CD where Flynn still has at least 3 more CDs of story left he kills off 5 bad guys in about two minutes and ends the book.

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