Supreme Courtship – Book Review

Supreme Courtship

By Christopher Buckley

Reviewed by Paul McMahon

Its a good thing that this one is on paper.  I could not have listened to it and stayed on the read.  My mother  used to say “I laughed so much that I almost wet my pants!”

This is political satire at its best.

The president has the opportunity to appoint a Supreme Court Justice.  The appointee has to get through the Senate Judiciary Committee before being accepted by the Senate.  Congress is very upset with the president who has vetoed 150 pork laden appropriation bills.  The president selects one of the finest candidates in the country.  The committee makes hash out of him.  The president tries again.  The committee slices and dices him.  The president retreats to Camp David to lick his wounds.  He bowls for a while and then watches television.  He sees a show named Courtroom 3 which is like Judge Judy.  He picks up the phone and calls Pepper Cartwright the judge and asks her to come to Washington to meet with him.  She thinks he is some kind of nut and says so.  He convinces her to come.  He interviews her and finds that she was a  real judge, has a down-home Texas accent, and takes no baloney from anyone.

He vets her and finds that there are no skeletons  in her closet.  He nominates her.  The committee chairman is furious and prepares to destroy her.  He extends the courtesy of a preliminary interview.  Pepper explains that if he tries to grind her up the here millions of viewers in his home state would elect him dog catcher.

She gets approved and becomes the  most junior justice.

Now, by this point, I have laughed so much that I cannot see to read and have to keep wiping my eyes.

But the  fun is just beginning as her husband and TV show producer tries to keep her from getting approved, sues her for breach of contract, sues her for divorce and generally interferes.

In  the meantime the mean spirited congress creates and approves a single presidential term amendment that has one little problem.  Does it apply to the current president?

I won’t tell you what happens.  You will have to laugh your way through the book to find out.


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