The Spies of Warsaw – Book Review

The Spies of Warsaw

By:  Alan Furst

Reviewed by:  Paul McMahon

Steve Forbes of Forbes Magazine reviews an occasional book that he thinks is exceptional.  This is one of them and he is right.

It is 1937 and we meet a French military attache who is posted to Warsaw.  He finds out that the Germans are planning to attach France though Belgium and the forests and will ignore the Maginot line.

The author maintains a constant tension as our hero runs his spies, goes to Czechoslovakia, slips over the border into Germany to find that the tank traps that were protecting Germany from invasion by Poland have been disabled so that the Germans can attach Poland.

He rescues a couple of Russian spies and gets a lead to a German who can be compromised and gets more proof that the Germans are going to ignore the Maginot line.

His frustration with it all is that the French General Staff is so invested in the Maginot line that they ignore all of the evidence on what the German plans are.

Another great book and my compliments to Steve Forbes.


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