Naughty Neighbor – Audio CD Review

Naughty Neighbor

By:  Janet Evanovich
Read by:  C.J. Critt
Book on CD

Reviewed by:  Paul McMahon

This is a  fun mystery.  No one gets murdered except maybe a prize pig who seems to vanished without a trace, possibly into the pig farmer’s freezer.

Louisa is downstairs under a neighbor who keeps getting phone calls at 3 AM.  Due to the heating vents the phone is louder than her own.  She shouts and complains to no avail.

One morning she hears her paper hit the door and just as she is ready to get it she hears her neighbor’s door open and the paper sucked in.  This is too much.  She pounds on the door and meets the neighbor whom she accuses of stealing her paper and he insists that he was just borrowing it.  And off they go on an intriguing adventure.

It seems that there was a short note about a genetically modified pig whose meat had a significantly reduced amount of cholesterol.  The pig had vanished while on a visit to congress before being flown to Amsterdam to be presented to Europe.

Streeter, her upstairs neighbor, wants to know why the pig vanished and why all news about the pig and the search for it has also vanished.

It is a fun story with lots of twists and turns and finally with a resolution of why the pig disappeared and why a second pig is about to enter the scene.

Try it.  You’ll like it.

4 CDs 5 hours.

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