Who’s Afraid of Virginia Ham – Audio CD Review

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Ham?
A Book on CD
By: Phyllis Richman

Read by: Susan O’Malley

OK, here is a fun book with a little bit of everything. The book is written by a food critic who cannot resist inserting little discussions about inside the restaurant business like what the typical expenses that a restaurant has to carry and what are the typical proportions. Comments on how an entree is priced and an explanation of the the different levels of restaurants and some notes on how a food critic operated.

We meet Chas Wheatly, the food critic for the Washington Examiner and we follow her as she looks over a new high class restaurant.

Then we meet Ringo Laurenge (lorenge), who is recently hired as a business reporter. Ringo is named after that Ringo and has a sister named George after that George. Ringo turns out to be a ruthless competitor who starts off stealing Chas’s planned trip to the West Coast to do an article on the most expensive restaurant in the country. Only later did Chas realize Ringo had hacked her computer id and stolen the idea.

As Ringo cuts his swath across the newsroom Chas finds many frustrated reporters, but not many allies. Ringo’s stories are increasing circulation and profits which overjoys management.

Chas does find some people willing to help her and they find that there is a suspicious death that had allowed Ringo to take over the assignment for the OJ Trial in California.

Chas starts working on a new restaurant and finds the Ringo has made it his hangout, going to the bar several days a week.

The story is told with humor and suspense and ends with a surprise.

Don’t be put off by the restaurant facts and comments. They support the story and make it even more interesting.

The reader is very effective.

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