World Without End – Book Review

World Without End

By:  Ken Follett
1014 Great Pages
Reviewed by:  Paul McMahon
Best seller is not enough to describe some books,  This is one of them.
The book starts in 1327 on halloween with four children and with a little murder.
The story  traces the lives of these four children as they grow up together.
Follett has put together a story you just cannot put down.  The story takes place in Kingsbridge, a medieval city with a side trip to France and another to Italy.
We live through the plague, the devastation of war, the lives of serfs, the markets of the times, the politics of the times.
If you have read some of Follett’s other books, you encounter his fascination with history.  In Eye of the Needle, the spy looks at ancient cathedrals as he gathers information for the Nazis.  Another book has a spy hunter who is an historian.
And, of course, there is the Pillars of the Earth which traces the construction of a cathedral and everything that goes on with it.
A great book.  You will enjoy it.

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