The Pig Did It – Book Review

The Pig Did It
, A novel
by Joseph Caldwell
Review by Paul McMahon

We get an introduction to an Irish pig who does not talk, but disrupts everybody’s life that it has contact with.

Aaron is an American who spent his youth in Ireland.  He is returning to mourn his failed relationship with a girl.

How sad.

We begin to be suspicious of the relationship.

Aaron is on a bus going back home to stay with his aunt.  Due to the complexities of Irish families his aunt is a couple of years older than him and a few inches taller than him too, although Aaron is over 6 feet.

Suddenly the bus stops.  The road is full of pigs who seem to be having some sort of a celebration.  Everybody get off the bus and many get involved with the pigs.

Some help round them up while others contribute to their delinquency.

Aaron spots one pig moving far from the crowd and pursues it.  The pig appears to be very smart as he leads Aaron further from the bus and the crowd.

When Aaron finally gives up and returns to the road the pigs, people and the bus are gone and he realizes that he is on his own and has to walk to the town and the bus terminal. He is sure his aunt will not wait — he was right.

As he walks toward town, the pig who had led him astray follows him.  He shouts, throws stones, runs, walks but nothing discourages the pig.

Along comes Sweeney in a truck, picks up Aaron and the pig and takes them to his aunt’s house.

Now the story really gets interesting with a lot of Irish mysticism, a death, a hungry ocean, a drowning, a darts game, a fight, a dance, a revival, and more.

Whenever the story seems to reach a dead end, the pig steps in  and stirs things up again.

It is a short 200 page book and a lot of fun to read.

Enjoy it.

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