The Appeal – Audio CD Review

The Appeal

by John Grisham
Book on CD
Read by Michael Beck

Reviewed by Paul McMahon

Its been a while sing I have read a Grisham book. I did not realize that this was his latest.

It is one of his best.

The book is 12.5 hours on 10 compact discs.

The story:

There is this chemical plant in Mississippi which makes some ugly products. Management discovers that they do not have to pay those expensive charges to dispose of their deadly by-products if they dump them in the ravine behind the plant. No one will notice. They dump more and more. Some in tanks and a lot not in any kind of protective container.

The nearby town has a water system which draws its water from an aquifer that runs under the ravines where the chemicals are dumped.

At first the water begins to taste funny, then smell funny, then look funny. The people begin to realize that the chemical plant is poisoning their water. The company lies and says that the problem is not caused by them since they dispose of all of their waste correctly.

Then people start getting cancer and other dread diseases.

Finally some local lawyers take the company to court. It is a brutal fight and they invest $400,000 in the case liquidating their house, nice cars, retirement funds and finally get down to an unsecured loan from the local bank.

Grisham masterfully takes us though the trial and what is going on behind the scenes.

The jury goes out and comes back with a verdict. I won’t spoil the suspense for you.

The rest of the book takes you through how the company fights the verdict. The key is that the Mississippi Supreme Court is elected as it is in many states, but not, luckily here in Connecticut.

Its a great book. I had a lot of parking lot moments where I had to sit there and keep listening even though I could hit stop and listen when I returned to the car.

Enjoy it.

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