Damage Control – Book Review

Damage Control
by J. A. Jance
Jance has two mystery series that she writes.  One is Joanna Brady set in Tuscon which this book is part of.  The other is the J. P. Beaumont Series set in Seattle.
Jance can build a complex mystery with several plots developing simultaneously.  Sometimes they are related and sometimes there to increase the stress on the protagonist.
The story starts with an apparent murder suicide involving two seniors.
Next a bag of bones is washed up by a flash flood and found by a teenager whose mother is hiding from his father who just got out of prison and wants to kill his mother.  The investigation of the bones turns up another missing person who may be related.
Investigation of the murder suicide turns up another pair of deaths which may be related.
Just to increase the pressure on Joanna Brady, who is the elected sheriff her husband’s first book is being published and the publisher wants him to go on a book tour.
And then Jance throws in some feuding relatives, her step mother, an obnoxious in law.
All of this is woven into a book that you do not want to put down.
Enjoy it.
Reviewed by Paul McMahon

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