Who’s Killing the Great Writers of America? – Audio CD Review

Who’s killing the Great Writers of America?

By: Robert Kaplow
Read By: Arte Johnson

This is a parody.

The story starts with Sue “A is for Alibi … S is for Silence” Grafton who is riding to Paris on the un-air conditioned Orient Express. Suddenly Steve Martin appears o n the train and presents some of the funniest lines I have heard. Suddenly Sue is found dead in Aftrica.

Steven King hears the news and gets concerned.

The book then introduces us to Danielle Steele and Curtis Sitenfeld spending a few chapters on filling out the characters and their likes and dislikes. Again Steve Martin appears. The Daniel and Curtis are found dead in a hot tub in Venice.

Steven Kings wife Tabatha disappears while Steven bemoans the accident and driver who crippled him.

Next comes Tom Clancy who builds his defenses to prevent him from joining the dead. He is to go to the top of the Pilgrim Tower in Provincetown.

Tom alerts the Provincetown police who stake out the tower. The next thing you know Tom Clancy bites the dust.

Now Steven King is really upset and leaves his protected compound to follow his wife bases on calls to and from Swans Island, Maine.

This is where the story winds up.

The book is ridiculous, but fun to listen to with a lot of laugh out load lines.

Enjoy it.

Paul McMahon

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