The Messenger – Audio CD Review

The Messenger

By:  Daniel Silva
Book on CD Read By:  Christopher Lane
Reviewed by:  Paul McMahon
9 CDs 11 hours

This is a current terrorist thriller and it is spine chilling.

There is an underlying theme that the Saudis are funding the terror side of the “War on Terror”

One of the richest men in the world is a Saudi who collects paintings and funds many terrorist activities directly and through his world-wide business.

The Israelis would like to put him out of business — permanently.

The tale is told in this novel which covers two attacks on the Vatican, with both being thwarted by an Israeli spy.

The story is read very effectively by Christopher Lane with many voices and accents.

Listen to it — but turn it off when you have to do some complicated driving or else you will have to go  around the block again.

Paul McMahon

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