Crisis – Audio CD Review


By: Robin Cook
Book on CD
Read By:  George Guidell
Reviewed By: Paul McMahon

Robin Cook always has a twist in the tale he is telling and Crisis continues the tradition.

We meet Dr. Jack Shannon, a New York City Medical Examiner who rides a bicycle to work in Manhattan traffic.  Eccentric but competent.

Then we meet Dr. Craig Bowman in Boston a top concierge physician who rides a Red Porsche convertible to work in Boston traffic with his sexy girl friend on his arm.

In comes Patience Stanhope who is a hypochondriac who drives Craig nuts.  Patience’s husband calls Craig.  Patience is dying.  Craig and girl friend rush over to the  house realize Patience is really sick, a bad condition for a hypochondriac, call an ambulance, it arrives in minutes.  Craig rides the ambulance to the Emergency Room where Patience dies, a really bad condition for a hypochondriac.

A few weeks later Craig and girl friend are leaving a health club and they are met by a well dressed black gentleman who hands Craig an envelope and informs him that he has been served.  Craig is being sued for malpractice.

The next eight months are spent getting ready for trial.  Cook keeps us entertained as he describes how Craig digs himself a deeper and deeper hole as the plaintiff’s attorney punches every one of Craig’s hot buttons.

Now we meet Craig’s estranged wife Alexis and her 3 kids.  She is Jack’s sister.  She calls him and he offers to come up to Boston and help out.

Craig is not thrilled, but agrees.

Jack comes up and reads all of the documentation and thinks that an autopsy would help.  The plaintiff’s attorney is not thrilled with this since he has invested $100 thousand in the case already and can taste a third of a multimillion settlement.

The judge has calendared the case for one week which is fine with Jack since he is getting married in New York on Friday.  Cook skillfully weaves these time pressures into the story.

The book is 12 CDs — 14 hours.  Guidell reads it very well.

It is a fun book.  There is a disturbing scene in the middle of the book involving the young girls, but it is not dragged out.

Jack gets the autopsy, discovers the real cause of death.

Cook does a great job and has multiple surprises as the story goes on.


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