Antony and Cleopatra – Book Review

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By Colleen McCullough
New Fiction

What a book!

Colleen McCullough has written a well researched book on the events following the murder of Caesar. She weaves in all of the political intrigue, competition, and romance. She picks up Cleopatra and the son fathered by Caesar and named Caesarion. The book is exciting as Antony schemes to destroy his competition and become the ruler of Rome. Unfortunately for him, he likes wine, women and song far more than war. The result is a devastating loss in his war with the Parthions a war he never recovers from.

The book is a continuation of the series she wrote tracing the life of Caesar as he matured from a teen to an emperor. She moved to Rome to do her research and it shows on every page.

A surprise side note mentioned on the jacket is that she is a medical doctor and taught at Yale Medical School.

Paul McMahon

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