Love the one you’re with – Book Review

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By Emily Giffin
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I whipped through this book over the weekend. Couldn’t put it down. Loved it. I am not usually a chick lit reader, so I may not be the best judge, but I thought it was great. I also have never read any of her other books. I started reading the first couple of pages, and thought, this girl (Ellen, the main character) is real and funny; talking about poppy seeds being stuck in her teeth, when her ex boyfriend is about to meet up with her. I really enjoyed the Southern/Northern differences that were a source of humor and trouble in the story. The tension that built as she had the confrontation she was waiting for with her husband about her exboyfriend and her subsequent choice was effective. Her struggle with her love choices in life were realistically represented, which made it all the more satisfying of a story when it concluded. I would say the ending was somewhat abrupt, but not disappointing in any way.

Carolyn Boulay

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