Book Review – Three Bags Full

Three Bags Full

By Leoni Swann

Reviewed by Paul McMahon

Nothing like a murder mystery which is solved by a flock of sheep.

It is a whimsical story where the shepherd is found dead and no one really cares except his flock of sheep. These sheep can talk to each other. Every sheep cannot understand every word, but they understand a lot. They can understand what people are saying, but cannot communicate to people – or can they.

The story starts with the death of George, the shepherd. He is unusual in that he reads to the sheep each evening before they go to sleep. He has promised to take them to Europe and they are looking forward to the trip. The sheep feel someone should do something about George’s murder and since no human seems to be interested, they take on the job with many diversions to graze and talk about what happened.

The author has created an entertaining story using mainly the interaction between the sheep and very little human dialog. It is fun and interesting and – best of all they solve the mystery and at the end of the book they are ready to go to Europe due to George’s will.

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