Playing for Pizza – Book Review

Playing for Pizza
By John Grisham
PS3557.R5355P56 2007
Reviewed by: Paul McMahon
What a fun book. It is about football, but you do not need to know much to enjoy the story.
 Rick, third string quarterback for the Cleveland Browns comes to in a hospital room. There are security guards outside the door to protect him from fans.
 He begins to recall the game — the AFL championship and the gateway to the SuperBowl.
 “Browns are up seventeen to zip over the Broncos with eleven minutes to go.”
 Second string QB gets decked. Rick goes in. Third and twelve. Rick throws a beautiful pass to Sweeny who plays for the Broncos who scores.
 Another pass. Another interception.
 Forth seconds to go. Another pass. Bounces off the receiver. Picked up by a Bronco who goes all the way. 21 to 17 Broncos.
 Rick gets sacked and is carried off the field. Just as well since the fans might have killed him.
 Arnie is Rick’s agent says NFL teams are calling him about Rick. Warning him not to try to sell Rick to them.
 Eventually Arnie finds a position for Rick. First string quarterback for the Parma Panthers. Parma? Where the hell is Parma?
Parma is a team in the NFL — the NFL di Italia and wants to make the SuperBowl del’Italiia.
 The story goes on from here and what a story.
 Grisham takes a break from his novels about lawyers and killers and just has fun telling the story of an American in Italy leading a team of Italians who play and love American style football. Not futbol or soccer.
 You meet the team player by player. You meet the enemy. You have a great time.
 I enjoyed every bit of it.

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