The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – Audio Review

Read By: Norman Dietz

AUDIO PS 1305.A2 D5 2005

Reviewed by: Paul McMahon

The recent controversy over Huckleberry Finn prompted me to pick up this Book on CD this Fall. I read it (is that the term for listening) as I ran errands in my car.

What a delight. Mark Twain tells an engaging story starting with Huck’s figuring out how to escape from the clutches of his drunken father and continuing with his pairing with Jim, the escaped slave.

Huck and Jim’s adventures as they raft their way down the Mississippi and meet crooks and frauds and eventually end up at the farm of a relative of Tom Sawyer’s.

The first nine tenths of the book are completely believable. The last tenth is a real “stretcher” but still fun.

If you have a CD player in your car or carry one when you exercise take this book out. It will reward you with 12 delightful hours.

Norman Dietz does a great job as a narrator. He speaks the various accents, but does not leave you wondering what the character said.

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