Bread & Tulips – movie review

This is in Italian.  I enjoyed this movie for it offbeat feel and the meandering path on which it led me. Here’s the synopsis:  “When a harried housewife is accidentally left behind while on vacation with her family, she decides to take a holiday of her own in Venice. She becomes charmed by the city and her newfound freedom. She decides to extend her stay, finding a job in a flower shop, renting a room from a wistful waiter, and rediscovers her love for playing the accordian. But her solo journey does not sit well with her tyrannical husband, who hires an amateur detective to bring her back home. ”

I personally love watching “good” foreign films because so much can come across in a film about a country’s cultures, values, humor, family relationships, etc.  that is so vastly different from the American experience.  I find it so refreshing!  The humor often is so much more subtle, and even within a “comedy”  there can be so many serious topics  covered! 

Carolyn Boulay

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