For Whom the Bell Tolls – Movie Review

I loved this movie not because of the performances of Gary Cooper or Ingrid Bergman.  It was touted as one of the greatest on screen love stories ever.  I was sorely disappointed in that build up. I could not believe how locked down the two main characters were in their stereotypical roles.  The emotional weakness of the character Maria and the stoic silence of Robert were annoying.  But I thought the character Pilar was absolutely fantastic.  Not your average woman!  An anti-fascist freedom fighter in the mountains of Spain in the 1930’s.  I was so thrilled to see such a great role for a woman 60 years ago!  She will live on in my memory for years.  I haven’t read the book.  If anyone has, please let me know if Pilar is as great or greater a character in print. Thanks!

Carolyn Boulay

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One Comment on “For Whom the Bell Tolls – Movie Review”

  1. Freder1ck Says:

    Yes. Pilar is very strong in the book, perhaps the hardest, toughest character. The novel is a rich, intense story that goes beyond roles. In fact, a main event in the book is Robert Jordan being used to playing a certain role with revolutionary groups, but then getting caught up in their lives…

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