The Future of Food

Food insiders may already know the disturbing facts highlighted by this film, but the general public is in for a shock at how corporations are using misleading campaigns — and scare tactics — to ensure that people around the world become dependent on genetically modified food.  The Future of Food offers an in-depth investigation into the frightening truth behind the unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered foods that have quietly filled throughout the U.S. in the past 10 years . This movie includes interviews from farmers from Canada and Mexico, whose lives and livelihoods have been negatively impacted by this new technology. In addition, Monsanto (a multinational corporation) is shown bullying farmers, such as Canadian seed developer Percy Schmeiser, by suing them for illegal use of their pesticide products — when the pesticides actually drifted accidentally onto the farmers’ land. This, along with the larger ongoing move by biotech firms to patent GM organisms (in effect, patenting life forms) marks the most potentially widespread control of food and land use by a few corporations in history. There is also a very interesting commentary by a spokesperson from Consumer Reports—be sure to watch that chapter on the DVD.  You’re in for many disturbing facts about our government and multinational corporations!

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