Casino Royale – movie review

There must have been something in the air…I am one of three people whom I discovered also watched Casino Royale over Memorial Day weekend.  There was some interesting discussion regarding the fallibility, vulnerability, etc. of Bond, which only seemed natural to me in this “therapeutic” age.  I thoroughly enjoyed the repartee between Bond and the Bond Girl during their initial meeting.  It was so refreshing to hear such verbal skill, minus the excessive crudeness generally present in contemporary dialogue.  Overall I loved it, and am not really an “action film” fan, but I guess that the “chick flick” element in it was enough to engage me during the “shoot ’em up” parts.  There was one scene which I found disturbing, and did not watch (torture).  I found the information on the amazing actor/athlete in the opening scene with Bond on the bonus CD fascinating, and wasn’t sure whether I wish I had seen the bonus disc first, or whether it would have ruined the film for me.  I highly recommend that part of the special feature. ~Carolyn Boulay

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